Maybe Death Means Life

More ramblings by a pretentious uni student dealing with the death of a loved one!

Death is a prerequisite of life,
but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear,
hate is a necessary evil,
to truly say that you know love,
desperation is a state of mind,
that allows us to feel complete satisfaction,
pain before comfort,
sorrow before joy,
confusion before enlightenment,
it’s a twisted world in which we live,
or is negativity just a vehicle to death,
to a higher state of consciousness,
where positive emotions await,
I don’t know, I’ve not got the answers,
but I feel I’m getting closer
maybe death is the final answer,
once you’ve figured out life’s journey,
death is the only logical progression,
maybe then you realise that,
death is life,
hate is love,
sorrow is joy,
maybe some are enlightened before others,
I don’t know,
I guess that’s why I’m still here.

© Copyright Craig A Bailey.

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