Oh how to kill a blackbird

A comedy poem about being kept awake by a chirpy, yet irritating blackbird!

Oh how to kill a blackbird,
That’s what dominates my mind,
The bastard’s kept me awake for weeks,
So don’t think me too unkind.

He taunts my year old kittens,
They’ve not killed anything yet,
He sits up on the bloody roof,
The one place they can’t get.

Oh how to kill this blackbird,
The noise he makes I abhor,
I usually like bird song,
But it’s fucking half past four.

His chirps go right through me,
Like a knife stuck in my spine,
I’d love to wring his scrawny neck,
Then all would be just fine.

Oh how to kill this blackbird,
Really shouldn’t be on my mind,
There’s more important things in life,
A thing more trivial is hard to find.

But I am only human,
My mind is sometimes weak,
I know not how to help the suffering,
Or even how to shut his beak.

Oh how to kill my blackbird,
Will he never change his tune,
I’ve tried to teach him Star Wars,
The neighbours think I’m a loon.

Maybe I should befriend him,
Offer water and lovely bread,
Then I’d catch him unawares,
And put a bullet in his head!

© Copyright Craig A Bailey.

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